Lunatic Apparel is a home-based manufacturer of outdoor wear and sleeping bags.

AquaFur shirts

Designer, Mary Collins, is a former river guide, who also sews.  Thirty years ago, when pile (fleece) clothing was first introduced, the only fleece attire on the market was oversized jackets.  Mary started making form fitting clothes from Polartec ® pile fabric so she and her paddling friends could have warm comfortable on the water.

Mary decided on the name LUNATIC APPAREL after noticing the number of seemingly crazy people who paddled the nearby Wild & Scenic Chattooga river in the middle of winter.  A year or two of running her one-woman manufacturing plant, she began to suspect that SHE was the lunatic!  Then…she challenged Patagonia, Inc. over her Aquafur trademark, a multi-year legal ordeal that convinced her she was crazy. Happily, Mary won the challenge and in 2001 registered AquaFur® as her trademark.

Since 1992 her business has grown to include a full line of pile clothing, accessories and sleeping bags.  Along the way, she also developed BUG CLOTHES™ Netting Apparel so her customers can stay cool and bug free in the summertime!

Lunatic Apparel lives on as a one-woman industry, dedicated to creating items that last for people who appreciate quality goods made in the USA.